The "Archangelos Michael" nursing home start operating in July 1984. The vision of Giannis Tsiattallas for the creation of a place where the elderly would be hosted by the Community Committee was created by the creation of a Council composed of volunteers. This effort was accomplished with the help of benefactors such as Archbishop Chrysostomos of the 1st, who gave us the space, Stavros Sahilis and Chrystala Antoniadou, Menelaos and Helen Ionas, the Ministries of Labor and Health of the Municipality Nicosia, the former SEA Kaimakli and other organized entities and individuals.

The Organization is a non-profit Community Charity Foundation. It has implemented one of the most competitive and successful service programs for the elderly.

Today it is considered an enviable organization that offers a warm family environment pioneering and quality services to third and fourth people with the sole purpose of dignified living, independence, participation and self-fulfillment irrespective of their economic or family situation.

The whole building is based primarily on the 9-member Council and the Administration, which is responsible for the smooth and smooth operation of the Roof. To this end, a well-interprofessional team has been selected to implement and develop strategies, programs and actions that are intertwined with the different living needs of our time. These are adapted to decent living and the right to equal treatment of the elderly, giving them the necessary relief from the loneliness and burdens of everyday difficulties. It also contributes most to the elimination of the term "old-age" and obsolete.

Furthermore, the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team working on a daily basis aims to become the link between the Home and the patient's family. Home Officers contribute to the successful adaptation of patients to the Home. They also provide for the creation of communication pathways and the development of constructive relationships among patients. At the same time, they take care of utilizing the capabilities of the servants, encouraging and mobilizing their abilities. They assess the patient's way of life before moving to his home, his family and financial situation, and then strive to balance the former and the later. In addition, they support the family for active participation in rehabilitation programs and try to eliminate the overprotection or indifference tendency often manifested by the patient's relatives.